Smart Grid Benefits

Smart metering

automatic meter reading and customer invoicing, decreasing operational costs, reducing invoicing delays

Real time grid monitoring

permanent awareness of the network’s parameters – voltage and current measurements, grid events detection

Malfunction detection

reduced repair times and maintenance costs by efficiently reacting to any malfunctions, tempering and other grid events

Reduced power loss

the management software allows continuous power flow monitoring, accurately revealing any power loss

Renewable energy integration

highly variable renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power, without the addition of energy storage

Communication network

the power grid is transformed into a self-healing, self-forming, low-latency communication network with endless applications


Consumer Driven Benefits

Time of use pricing

advanced time of use pricing allows new consumer cost optimization methods, according to power consumption peaks

Home energy management

consumers can access and optimize their power consumption patterns, plus other smart home integration benefits

Energy independent households

by enabling bidirectional energy flow, it allows the integration of small-scale, home energy production