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Better Energy Grids

Meet regulatory frameworks, integrate green energy and reduce power loss
in a cost effective way, while gaining actionable, real time intelligence
from the grid and improving its reliability.



inteliGRID® is a complete hardware and software management solution for low voltage electric distribution grids, from transformer stations to the consumer meter. Reducing power loss, integration of renewable energy sources and the need for remote smart metering are just a few grid challenges that recommend Smart Grid technologies as a necessity. Furthermore, inteliGRID® adapts to your needs and existing infrastructure, not the other way around.

The most critical events on the grid require immediate awareness and response. To be most effective, the communication capability must provide a low latency link to the real time events being measured, such as system stability, equipment health, outages, faults, demand response coordination and events.

The Smart grid delivers comprehensive sensing of the low voltage grid. And our technology provides advanced metrology capabilities, current, voltage and power (real, reactive and apparent) measurements, as well as advanced power quality measurements, such as THD and harmonic analysis.


Smart Grid Benefits

Smart metering

automatic meter reading and customer invoicing, decreasing operational costs, reducing invoicing delays

Real time grid monitoring

permanent awareness of the network’s parameters – voltage and current measurements, grid events detection

Malfunction detection

reduced repair times and maintenance costs by efficiently reacting to any malfunctions, tempering and other grid events

Reduced power loss

the management software allows continuous power flow monitoring, accurately revealing any power loss

Renewable energy integration

highly variable renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power, without the addition of energy storage

Communication network

the power grid is transformed into a self-healing, self-forming, low-latency communication network with endless applications


Consumer Driven Benefits

Time of use pricing

advanced time of use pricing allows new consumer cost optimization methods, according to power consumption peaks

Home energy management

consumers can access and optimize their power consumption patterns, plus other smart home integration benefits

Energy independent households

by enabling bidirectional energy flow, it allows the integration of small-scale, home energy production



inteliGRID® system architecture



Easy to implement

inteliGRID® is easy and economical to install due to its adaptability to existing infrastructure. By using PLC through existing power cables, it can provide a low-latency data flow between the network active elements and dispatch points without major infrastructure investments and civil works.

Open protocols solution

Based on open communications protocols, the system is future-proof and fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment. We can choose the most appropriate hardware available, to better fit your specific requirements. Furthermore, the system is open to future updates and applications.


Through a combination of intelligent sensing, edge based software analytics and data mining software capabilities, inteliGRID® offers more than sensing data. It allows strategic data analysis and easy extraction of meaningful information that leads to more informed strategic management decisions.

Scalable investment

This flexible and scalable solution enables grid management from small trials to full-scale implementations, with millions of end points. This allows for a graduate implementation schedule, according to the actual needs and budget restraints.

Adaptable and flexible

inteliGRID® is highly customizable and build to adapt to existing infrastructure. Furthermore, we carefully assess the local specific needs and make sure that it always meets the customer's request. Every project is different and we are ready to accept your challenge, anywhere in the world.

Software integration

We have successfully interconnected our solution with other customer-specific software, like SAP and other ERPs. We adapt to third party software solutions and transfer any needed information into specific applications that your team already uses.



Before we start even thinking about a project, we need to understand our customer and the challenges you’re facing. We ask questions, we assess the local infrastructure, we analyze the possible project outcomes. We are guiding all the stakeholders through this complex stage and transform their input into integrated technical solutions.

Together, we build solid business cases for our energy saving and management improving solutions. We demonstrate that our solutions are green, future proof and sustainable, and if the budget cannot support the initial investment, our systems are perfectly tailored for multiple innovative financing opportunities.

The best project management teams oversee the implementation process. Our extensive international expertise and proven record is a guarantee for any successful implementation, whether managing a small pilot project deployed near Jakarta (ID) or a full scale smart grid project in Brasov (RO)
Our support staff is ready to be deployed to our customer’s location. User training makes sure that the users understand the use of the system correctly. This way, the customer stakeholders can have the guarantee that they benefit from all specifically designed features of our solutions.

We have the ability to configure, commission and operate large and complex IT systems, by remotely coordinating all the installations and maintenance from our NOC. Everything accompanied by continuous, 24/7, monitoring and remote technical support.

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